About JP Water

Jim is committed to working with you in designing irrigation systems that suit your needs and meet your expectations.

His aim is to design irrigation systems that are in harmony with our environment and achieve their outcomes with the smallest possible footprint.

  • Over 30 years experience in the irrigation industry.
  • Specialized consultancy practice that only consults on irrigation related systems.
  • Provision of a totally independent consultancy service with no commercial ties.
  • Work as “a buyer's advocate” empowers irrigation system owners because they draw on his strong knowledge and understanding of the irrigation industry, its strengths and its weaknesses.
  • When new systems are built and operating, you will be able to access “downstream” services such as training, auditing, scheduling and programmed maintenance.
  • Ability to work with you, on your project, to bring to fruition the concept you have for your irrigation project.

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We do:

  • Irrigation design
  • Pumping and treatment
  • Control and monitoring
  • Contract documentation
  • System auditing

In these areas:

  • Agricultural
  • Landscape
  • Commercial turf
  • Industrial
  • Effluent dispersal

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